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Friday, August 22, 2014

A Reading for Alison

Alison's Reading
8-22-14 10:21 PM

  • 1 – Present Position – The Sun ↑ - The sun in this position tells me that your entire world right now revolves around your baby. You are in a state of semi shock because part of you wonders if this is real or just a dream. Even so, you love being a mother and couldn't imagine life any other way.
  • 2 – Immediate Influence – Five of Cups ↑ - This card tells me more about the feeling of surrealism surrounding. You've had a lot of time to think over the years about kids/what kind of mother you'd be, and you had a lot of things “set” in your mind. That said, you keep wanting to pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming. The reality of the situation is a bit more demanding than you thought it would be, but all in all, you almost feel like you've been dropped in the middle of a fairy tale.
  • 3 – Distant Future (up to several months) – Princess of Pentacles ↑ - I feel like this is your sister, but it could also be a close friend. You have always relied upon her for advice and a supportive ear, but over the next few months, you are going to want her as close to you as possible. She's your rock! She has a way of caring for you that is whimsical and childlike even as it is dependable and steady. You need her more than you thought possible.
  • 4 – Distant Past (up to a couple of years) – The Lovers ↓ - The last few years, your marriage has been a little rocky. I feel like this is largely in your mind. You blame you. You feel like you are doing quite enough to be the perfect wife. That said, a little more romance would be nice! There's been a strain on your marriage as you have been pressuring yourself to live up to certain expectations, but now that you feel like you have finally accomplished that goal, things should “get better.”
  • 5 – Recent Past – The Star ↑ - I am pretty sure that in a previous reading, I mentioned that there was an element of fate/destiny/karma/the plan involved here. I really truly feel that there was an important life lesson you needed to learn in order to get your reward. It took you a few years, but you learned it, and then BAM! You got what you always wanted :-D I feel that the lesson was that you needed to accept yourself no matter what.
  • 6 – Recent Future – (next couple of weeks) – The Moon ↓ - Oh the moon... This tells me that you've had and will continue to have an interesting couple of months. I am a little concerned though, are you suffering from a touch of post partum depression? I get the feeling that you are waiting for it to get better, telling yourself that the way you feel is normal and that you shouldn't worry about it. In that, you are absolutely right. That said, don't dismiss your feelings so easily, and if talking to your sister, husband, and friends doesn't help you feel better, then be open to alternative therapies for those inexplicable blues. Strange how one person can feel SOOOO happy and yet strangely sad at the same time, huh?
  • 7 – Present Position 2 – The Magus/Magician (Guide) ↓ - I get the sense that there are plenty of questions about motherhood and babies that you want to ask, but you're not really sure who to ask. These are questions that you should ask another mother... a role model... your mother, but you can't, because she is not the role model you want advice from! Guess what, she actually is doing her spiritual job when it comes to guiding you. She's showing you what not to do! Talking with her might actually help you feel better. Not because she's going to make any kind of sense, but if you keep a sense of humor, you can learn to laugh at and learn from the mistakes of others.
  • 8 – Environment – The Hierophant (Teacher) ↑ - Yea! Good news! You do actually have someone around you who can help you learn how to be a good mother. Someone you look up to and respect. Who offers good advice – even if in a unique and unexpected way... This could be a good friend. It could even be me! (Lol!) But you know who I think it really is? … I think it's your husband. I think now that he's a father and has to learn what that means, he's doing a lot of his own roundabout research and thinking, and when you two talk to each other about the important issues, you may not see eye to eye, but you always manage to make each other think.
  • 9 – Inner Emotions – Princess of Swords ↓ - See, this is why I think you have a touch of PPD. I feel like this card represents a part of yourself. This is the free spirit who has had a much bigger amount of solitude and freedom than she realized until now. I'm not saying that you were prone to partying on a Saturday night, but you did have the time to curl up with a good book and ignore the world if you wanted.
Like me, you had no idea how much you needed that massive amount of alone time to recharge your spiritual batteries. If you needed to veg out after work with a bottle of wine and a good movie, you could. Not now. Now, you have crying and all the tiny precious needs of a beautiful new being to attend to. Yes, you love it. Yes you wouldn't change it for the world. Yes, you still need alone time! Don't be afraid to ask for what you need.
  • 10 – Final Outcome – Ace of Swords ↑ - The final outcome of the reading is that even though your life has had a LOT of ups and downs recently – more ups than down – enough to practically build a rollercoaster! You still love the way your life is right now. It mostly like you've always thought it would be, and you are excited to see all the little milestones your baby will make – first laugh, first word, first step, first day of school... Just remember, in all of this, try not to completely lose the you that you were before you became a mom. Good luck!

BUT WAIT!! Didn't I forget something (you ask)? No... I just wondered if you were paying attention, lol!

Your angels have this to say:
Retreat – Don't forget to take time for yourself! Even if you have to schedule in a five minute break just once a day, do it! You need it :-)
Divine Guidance – We hear you talking to God. You've asked for help and guidance, and rest assured, we're here to give it to you. Simply listen to your heart and be open to small, everyday miracles.
Romance – Just because you are parents now, doesn't mean that Romance has to die completely! Remember, it's the little things that count the most. A stolen kiss while the baby naps. Snuggling at night even though you're too exhausted to do anything else. Understanding that it may take a lot of time before you're even ready to do anything else! Just like you might have to schedule in a well-deserved five minute break, try to remember in a minute or two to simply hold each other and say “I love you!”

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