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Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Chainmail Bra

Back in 2011, my husband made me a custom fitting bra out of chainmail. It is hands down THE best bra I have ever had, but I don't wear it much because the chainmail bites into me, and while it doesn't cause pain or discomfort while I am wearing it, I do get some pain and discomfort when I take it off. Thus I don't wear it often. Plus it's sort of a process to get in and out of it, making it impractical for every day usage.

Anyway, because I do love it so much (and WISH I could have someone who knows how to sew make me the exact same bra in cotton or something), I decided to show it off. I never truly did so before because the pics are - well... a bit risque, lol!

So, WARNING, if you don't want to see my fat and semi-naked body, do NOT scroll down!!! I will give some space so that you cannot see the pics unless you do actually scroll by counting down from twenty-one. Okay?


Ready? Okay!

 Here is a front view of my chainmail bra, including my pretty face. I was sunburn if you can't tell, lol!

 Here's a closer view :-D

 A side view :-)

 A back view, which shows one of the things I love most about this bra: it has super supportive straps that prevent the thing from digging into the back of my neck.

Here's the reason that I don't wear this bra as much as I'd like. Don't get me wrong, those marks aren't painful - at least not while I am wearing it. I don't notice it digging in at all. It's only after I take it off that I feel like a mild burning sensation, and the marks take a while to fade.

Anyway, I feel kind of bad about not posting pics of my bra much sooner. This blog is SUPPOSED to be a documentation of my many weirdnesses, and I'm sure that chainmail certainly make the list, lol! Hopefully late is still considered better than never.

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Thank you and have a happy night!


  1. Wear a snug but light tank top under it. It will have the affect of lining it.

    Also, your husband could open the front and install laces or hooks to make it more convenient. It wouldn't look as cool, but since you don't show it off...

    1. That's a good idea! I haven't tried that before because I didn't want to wear a shirt under my bra and then a shirt over it, you know, but I think I might give it a try and see how it works :-D

  2. Job well done on the construction. I would recommend 2 different styles for circular/cup weaves tho. 1) Queen's Ring or 2) triangular panels. The sheet 4-in-1 works, but may not fit/lay flat as well as the other patterns. Also, if obtainable, use of rubber rings will give a bit of expansion (like an elastic band) to assist in comfort of wearing/removing. It may also help with minimizing the marks after wearing it. Thank you for sharing. Rich


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