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Friday, February 7, 2014

One of my best creations and biggest mistakes ever

So a while ago, I posted about how I found a picture and it captured my imagination so much that I just had to try to replicate it. See it here: Doodles in Crochet

Well, when I make something that I personally plan to wear, I immediately modify it to fit my body. That means that the front has to explode to accommodate my chest, but the top part of my back is actually pretty small. Especially as it gets to the small of my back. Then, if I want it to conform, I have to take it in some under my bust, let it back out to go over my tummy, then take it back in near my hips. As for my back, well, once I get to the small of my back near the hips, the thing has to explode to make room for my big ol' butt!

With this outfit, I decided to take out the entire V in the back because leaving it in was quickly making the whole thing look like a bell big enough to fit a whale. I figured that I would add the V back in when I got to the small of my back. That was apparently mistake number one.
 Mistake number two was that - even though I had started out keeping decent count of my stitches - I quickly grew bored with that and just let my hands do their own thing. Thus, the piece got bigger as it went when it should have stayed relatively the same size.

After all of that, I eventually managed to finish it, and the front even looks good :-D See:

I like the color scheme. I like the fact that I had enough yarn to make this dress length, even though I was hoping for a full length down to the ankles dress. I like that even though I made this in my size, it does look mostly like the nearly barbie sized dress I was inspired by.

Now, here's what I hate. The transition from large Vs to small Vs doesn't look anywhere near as good as it does on the original dress. It looks kind of nasty IMO. I hate that the back looks just terrible because of my mistakes. But most of all, I hate the fact that I ended up adding so much length as I went that when I transitioned to the smaller Vs, the back has a bunch of baggy little bulges that make my hips look like the wrinkly skin around an elephant's legs. Ew!

It looks like I was trying to go for a cute and flirty little bustle, but completely effed it up! Ugh! So, as a result, this dress is destined to be literally thrown out - OR, if it's lucky - unraveled and made into something new. Actually, I really did like this project back when it was still shirt length, so I MIGHT simply unravel it to there and try to make it into a shirt, but the big mistakes would still remain, so in order to truly be proud of this enough to wear it in public, I'd probably have to rip it all up and start over, which I'm sorry, but no. I am not the type of person who can put this much work into something and then just take it all apart and start over. It's fix it or make it into something completely different as far as I'm concerned, lol!

In the meantime, I learned a lot from this project, so - even though I will never wear this in public - I still love it and am SO very proud of it :-D

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