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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Crashed and Confused - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Randy was not in bed when Alyda woke the next morning, and she felt tears sting her eyes. She fought them, reasoning that he must still be in the house somewhere. Otherwise I would be in pain, right?
A moment later, Randy entered the bedroom carrying a tray. It was filled with food, and he hummed lightly as he carried it. Noticing that she was watching him – and was therefore awake – he smiled at her and gestured for her to sit up. Once she had complied, he set the tray over her lap.
Randy had decided to make breakfast and a whole pile of sandwiches to last them throughout the day. He wasn't sure how long she planned their honeymoon to last, but they hadn't eaten anything other than breakfast yesterday, and this seemed like a simple solution.
Alyda smiled at him in gratitude, and then took a few cautious bites of her breakfast. Happily, she decided that he was a pretty good cook. She paused to grin at him and give him a thumbs up sign, which actually did mean good job throughout the universe – though she didn't know that. Randy smiled at her in return.
After eating, Alyda went to the bathroom, and then examined herself in the long mirror for a moment – could I possibly be pregnant already? – before starting the shower. Randy surprised her by turning off the shower, scooping her up, and then carrying her back to bed.
An hour later, both of them stepped back into the shower to rinse off all the sweat they had created. They maintained constant contact with each other via kisses and caresses. Now that Randy had come to terms with the fact that he was irrevocably stuck here for the foreseeable future, he simply could not keep his hands off his cute new wife.
After their shower, Alyda would have gladly jumped back into bed with him, but she had so many things to do! She grabbed a sandwich and nibbled on it as she sorted through her closet. A few of her favorite outfits were piled on the bed so that she could pack them to bring with her. Other outfits were tossed in a pile to be recycled, and the rest of her clothing was painstakingly prepared to be stored while she was gone.
This whole process took her a few hours. Especially since most of what was staying here was professional business attire for her job at the Telecommunications Corporation and needed to be cared for properly so that it wasn't destroyed by pests while she was gone. Randy watched her curiously from the bed, wishing that he knew what she was doing so that he could help her.
He's going to need more clothes, she thought as she gathered up the pile to be recycled. It took some time for her to fold it all and stuff it into a large sack, but once it was ready, she couldn't delay the inevitable any longer. She got dressed, and then handed him his clothes.
I wonder what's going on? Randy thought as he got dressed.
Alyda slung the large sack of clothes over her shoulder, staggering ever so slightly, and then put her hand in his so that she could guide him.
That's just not right!” Randy muttered, taking the sack from her. He thought it resembled a duffel bag and rightly assumed that it must be heavy. The weight of it dug into his shoulder just a bit, making him wonder how she had managed to even pick it up. She looks so delicate and frail...
Hand in hand, the couple walked to what looked like a shopping area nearby. They entered a clothing shop, and Alyda motioned for Randy to hand over the bag. He did so, setting it on counter at the back of the store that had a couple of other bags already on it.
Alyda chatted with the woman in charge of the shop. “I'm here to get new clothes for my new husband. I also happened to have some old clothes to recycle.”
You're married?!” The shop woman squealed incredulously and rushed to hug Alyda. They knew each other and were friends of a sort. “That's wonderful news!”
Thank you,” Alyda murmured, blushing lightly as she remembered how much fun she'd had with her new husband so far. “It's just in time for my yearly move back to my farm. So, you know, he'll need some sturdy work clothes.”
Of course!” She eyed him for an approximate fit, and then went around the shop looking for things that might be perfect for him.
Soon, Randy had a pile of clothes to try on. He almost blushed as he realized that there wasn't really a private area to change in, just a curtain to hide him from anyone looking through the windows of the shop. He looked at the two women in confusion, thinking maybe they were going to turn their backs to him, but they stripped and fondled him instead. This made the whole process take much longer than necessary, but Randy wasn't about to complain!
Rather than progress towards the pornographic side, the two women simply chatted as if they dressed and undressed a man every day. He supposed that this might be true for the shopkeeper, but he kind of hoped that his wife – I mean owner! – wasn't quite so used to handling men. She caressed his buttocks absently, and if her hands were simply appreciating how shapely he was.
As the two women chatted, the voice in his head learned new words, such as the, it, as, he, and so on. Randy was glad that there was progress, but he was also mildly aggravated by how little it was. He bit back a groan of longing as he was also rapidly becoming frustrated with how they were teasing him, stroking his body with their hands every chance they got, but not truly trying to stimulate him.
Thankfully, it was only a short while later that a new – slightly smaller – duffel bag was packed full of clothes for him. Alyda kissed him right before she motioned for him to carry the bag out of the shop. Randy frowned, looking over at the shopkeeper in confusion. Don't we have to pay for all of this?
The shopkeeper grinned at him in a way that made it clear that she would love to fondle him a whole lot more, but then waved goodbye. Her voice even sounded like she was saying something along the lines of: “Thank you, come again,” or maybe: “Have a nice day!”
He shrugged, figuring that maybe Alyda's bag of clothes was considered payment for this bag. He followed her as she slipped her hand in his and led him out of the shop. On the way back to her house, Randy heard a catchy tune play, and mentally paused a moment to wonder if it was part of the computerized voice in his head. It turned out to be a portable communication device.
Hi mom, … Yes, we are nearly packed and ready to leave.” Alyda suddenly blushed in a way that made Randy want to kiss her. “Yes, we. I... I got married!”
Randy understood: ...are ...to ...married; and knew that she was talking about him. He waited for the voice in his head to say more. “...be ...at the ...in...” he sighed in frustration.
See you then!” Alyda bade cheerfully, and then ended her call. She looked at her husband and smiled. “It's only about 2 hours to my farm. We should arrive just in time to go to bed,” she informed him with a grin.
Randy sighed. “I can only understand about one word in every ten. Man! I wish you could understand me. I really want to obtain fuel and get back to my ship before someone steals it...” he trailed off and shook his head slightly. Now, the computer voice told him words in her language as he spoke. It was very annoying!
You sound agitated,” Alyda remarked. “I wish I could help you.”
Randy looked at her with his head tilted to the side. His weird computer voice had just learned the words I and wish. He figured that she must have said: “I wish I could understand you.”
They arrived back at her house, quickly ate a couple of the sandwiches he'd made, and then soon had her vehicle packed. Is this like some sort of honeymoon trip? Randy wondered.
I wonder where we are going?” Randy said out loud. He figured that the more he talked, the easier it might be for the computer in his head to learn his language.
Alyda looked at the position of the first sun, then noted that the second sun had risen about a quarter of the way. “It's time for us to stay in the house for a while. It'll be much too hot to drive while both suns are out.”
She looked her husband's body up and down, and then grinned. That also means that we aren't going to have anything better to do for the next few hours than make love...
Randy almost blushed at the look she gave him. He shook his head with a chuckle and a wry smile. “Darlin', we may not speak the same language, but apparently we think the same thoughts!”

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