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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

An Oral Lesson

She hastily jammed the butter knife back into the jar of homemade mayo, and then squished the slathered slice of sourdough bread on top of the ready and waiting other half of her sandwich. The knock came again, much more insistently. Taking a bite of her newly made sandwich, she rushed to open the door.
Oh hey, come on in,” she invited. “You hungry?”
Not really,” he murmured with a shake of his head.
Suit yourself,” she muttered with an uncaring shrug. “My brother won't be home for two or three more hours.”
Aw crap!” He exclaimed, turning around to leave.
Hey!” She called out. “What's wrong? You seem depressed.”
He stopped before he even had a chance to open the door. “I... I'm not sure I should tell you.”
She huffed indignantly. “You came here to ask my idiot brother for advice, but won't even consider asking me?”
Well... it's just... embarrassing...” he murmured, looking away with a blush.
Oh come on. I promise I won't laugh or anything like that,” she encouraged with her mouth full of sandwich as she covered the mayo and put it in the fridge.
He sighed morosely. “Well... Fine. You see, there's this girl I like. She has a bit of a reputation for being easy, so I thought: Why not?”
And she turned you down?” She asked sympathetically before taking another bite of her sandwich.
Well no, at least not at first,” he answered. Then he rubbed the back of his neck and looked away. “We were getting into it and I thought things were going pretty well, but then she stopped me and kicked me out of her car.”
Why?” She asked curiously.
He looked down, groaning. “She said that I clearly didn't know how to eat a girl and that I should learn what to do before asking to get with her again.”
Ouch! What a bitch!” She exclaimed. “She should have just told you what she likes if she's going to be picky.”
He sighed sadly again. “Yeah, well, she's not the first one to tell me this. Now I'm super paranoid! What if the next time I like a girl – and worse! What if she's the one – but she won't give me a chance because I suck at going down on her!”
If she's really the one, something like that won't stop her,” she assured him.
Yeah, but what if it does?!”
Oh for the love of –!” She practically slammed the leftover half of her sandwich on a plate, and then shoved it in the fridge. “You're not going to drive away the right girl just because you haven't practiced tonguing a bunch of other girls!”
See?! This is why I didn't want to tell you! You don't understand! This isn't the first time this has happened to me and now I can't help but drive myself crazy wondering why I'm so bad!” He cried out in frustration.
She grabbed his hand and dragged him across the kitchen until they walked through a door. Then she sort of whipped him around so that he would land on her bed. Impatiently, she stripped off her shirt. He was so confused by basically being thrown on a bed at first, that he didn't notice what she was doing. By the time he thought to look up and over at her, she was already unzipping her jeans.
There's only one way you're ever going to know what you're doing, and that's to just practice it until you're confident in your skills,” she informed him matter of factly. Her tone was practically flat, as if she was saying: Of course the sky is blue.
Wait, what?” He blurted out in confusion. “You can't mean that! Your brother will absolutely kill me if I so much as think about having sex with you!”
Lucky for you he's not here then,” she muttered, having stripped completely by this point. She climbed onto the bed, reclining on one elbow as she spread her legs and grabbed his hand. “You should start by locating her clit with your finger or thumb.” As she said this, she stuck his hand between her legs.
Whoa! Wait!” He blurted out in astonishment. “I'm serious in that your brother will kill me for this!”
Forget about him,” she insisted. “I can have sex – or not have sex – with whomever I want, and if he dares to suggest otherwise, I've got plenty of dirt on him! If he finds out about this and threatens any such violence, gently remind him that I have photographic evidence that he seriously doesn't want me showing his girlfriend!”
He looked at her warily for a moment. “You'd use the dirt you have on your brother just to help me out?”
Yeah, well, this is something I can do to help. Otherwise, what do you plan to do? It's not like my brother can give you hands on tips about going down on a girl.”
That's true...” he murmured in thought.
Okay, as I was saying, use your finger or thumb to locate her clit – which is this right here if you didn't know,” she pointed out, rubbing her clit with one of his fingers.
He blushed. “Yeah, I knew that.”
But despite what you may have heard, girls very often don't like having fingers here. Fingers can be too rough. They can unintentionally scratch or just plain irritate. So, once you've located her clit – if you plan to continue using your finger – use some lube. Otherwise, prepare to put your tongue on it,” she advised.
He frowned. “You make it sound like I should just dive right in, but everything I've ever read says that I should take my time and work into it slowly.”
That depends on the girl. If she's shy or uncomfortable or not fully into it yet, then diving right in is probably just going to make her even more uncomfortable. That's the type of girl you want to go slow with. But not too slowly!” She added urgently. “Don't lose her interest!”
O...kay...” he murmured, wondering how he could avoid losing a girl's interest in that situation.
Now, for me – especially right now – I know that you're going to be sticking your tongue down there and that's what I want, so you don't need to go slow or make kinky detours.”
She reinforced this sentiment by firmly pushing his head down between her legs. They both had to adjust their positions slightly in order to be comfortable, but then he hesitated. Looking at her, he cleared his throat.
Are you sure about this?” He asked, really apprehensive about her changing her mind and telling her brother to kick his ass.
I'm sure,” she stated, using two fingers on one hand to spread her labia open. She used the pointer finger of her other hand to gesture toward her clit. “You can warm up by licking all over a couple of times, but I expect your tongue to focus on my clit fairly quickly.”
He took a deep breath to prepare himself, and then finished lowering his head. He was extremely nervous because he really didn't know what to do. He decided to do as she suggested and lick her completely a couple of times to warm up. Then he focused on her clitoris.
So far, so good, but you're doing that as if you expect to hurt me. That's okay; it's good to be concerned about hurting your partner, but that's why you're using your tongue – remember? Unless you have a sharp tongue ring, I'd be very surprised if your tongue managed to get too rough,” she informed him, shifting so that she could thrust her hips into him slightly.
Okay...” he paused his task long enough to ask: “So... Should I try to be a bit rough?”
On me, yep! The real key is to do what a girl likes. If she doesn't like rough, she'll make a face or a noise or something to let you know that she's not liking it. Asking may not help because a lot of girls end up saying they like things they really don't just because they don't want to offend a guy,” she explained.
Smiling, he decided that he really liked that she was taking the time to show him what to do. With a feeling like he was a cat who had gotten into the cream, he focused on his task once more. His tongue probed her firmly, making her moan and seem to sink into the bed.
Yep, just like that,” she encouraged. “If you think you might be getting bored with that or impatient to move on, try literally writing the alphabet on my clit with your tongue. I might make noises, or I might get really quiet. I usually get really quiet, but don't be concerned. You'll know you're doing it right if my legs get tense and shaky.”
Since her legs were now draped over his shoulders, he knew that he'd feel it if she was shaking. At the moment, they were fairly calm, but she was making a purring sound. Clearly, she was enjoying what he was doing. This amazed him because he was now literally setting a record for how long anyone had let him try doing this.
And warning, it takes me and a lot of women quite a while to orgasm, so if that's you're goal – and it had better be at this moment! – then prepare to be at this for a long time. Oh!” She ended her warning with a gasp of happy surprise. “That! Keep doing that!”
He pushed aside his temptation to ask how long exactly was a long time, instead concentrating on repeating the firm strokes of his tongue. She was definitely shaking now! Her legs got tighter, digging into him just a bit. He silently congratulated himself on getting her close.
Time passed and her shaking lessened. She started to sound a little bored. This frustrated him because she had started out telling him exactly what to do, but now she was silent as if expecting him to figure it out. Before he could yell at her for it, she sighed with just a hint of disappointment.
Remember, the alphabet... If it seems like I've stopped liking what you're doing, resume or restart writing the alphabet. Sooner or later, something will spark more shaking,” she told him.
Nodding just slightly, he did as suggested. When something he did made her gasp and clutch his hair, he continued doing that without her even having to tell him. She seemed to get really close again, but then it seemed to disappear.
Rather than be frustrated, he took this as a challenge. It was now his goal to find what would make her legs shake next. When he found it, he knew that it was the right thing because she suddenly arched her back and accidentally punched the headboard in her haste to push against it.
Yes yes yes,” she chanted. “Keep doing that! Oh God!”
A moment later, she got very quiet. He'd swear she even stopped breathing, but her legs were still shaking and she was still pushing into him, so he figured that he should keep going. Suddenly, she gasped as her entire body shook ever so slightly.
Don't stop but be gentle for a while!” She gasped out a command.
He was confused. Wait... Wasn't this it? Didn't she just orgasm?
Now he was a little frustrated again, because if she didn't just orgasm, then he honestly had no idea what an orgasm was. As he was thinking this, she was making a lot of moaning and panting noises. Mentally, he was happy about this. At least she made it sound like he was doing something right.
O...kay... okay,” she panted a couple of minutes later. “You can get rough again. If it seems like you can, at some point, try sucking on my clit.”
He hummed in agreement, which sent a tiny shiver throughout her entire body. He laughed softly, thinking that maybe he should keep humming, but when he tried it, she asked him to stop.
This is so much easier when the girl tells me what to do! He mentally cheered. Then he frowned because this really was taking a while and he wasn't sure if he could keep it up for too much longer.
She continually made noises that seemed to embarrass her, because she grabbed a pillow and half covered her mouth with it. Mostly, she just wanted to grip the pillow, but also she wanted to at least muffle the noises a little. He figured that now might be a good time to try sucking on her clit like she suggested.
Oh God!” She gasped out, her legs shaking more than ever. “Put a couple of fingers inside me!”
Taking a moment to focus on her right hand, she lifted it to gesture to him so that he would know what she was talking about. “Rub the roof like this.”
He did as suggested, finding her interestingly tight at the moment. She tossed her head side to side, chanting: “Ah Ah Ah!”
Just when he was ready to call it quits because she was taking a lot longer than he expected and his mouth was getting sore – she bit down on the pillow for a second or two, and then let out a long squeal and she lightly tried to push him away.
He took her cue and pulled back slightly.
Don't stop completely!” She cried out, despite her hands pushing on his head. “Just be very gentle!”
Wait a minute!” He protested. “Just how long does this take?”
All day if possible,” she informed him, and then laughed. “But I am almost certain that if I orgasm a third time, I'll probably be ready to pass out.”
So you did!” He exclaimed, very happy to hear that. “I was beginning to think that I really did suck at this or something.”
Well, you did actually suck, but since I specifically told you to do that, I can't really complain,” she said with a laugh.
Hrmph!” He huffed, pretending to be upset for a second.
This time, you should try biting my clit,” she stated, and if she wasn't still breathing so hard, it would have sounded like she was discussing the weather again.
Again?!” He asked in astonishment.
Why not? The best way to master the lesson is to practice,” she reminded him, a pointer finger wiggling as if she was a teacher giving a lesson.
He pursed his lips as he considered not answering her.
What?” She wondered.
My mouth is sore after all that...” he mumbled.
Oh! No problem, I can wait for your mouth to feel better,” she informed him. “In fact, I think I know how to take your mind off it.”
She rolled over and rummaged through her side table drawer. With a small exclamation of triumph, she pulled a condom out. He gulped and nervously looked to her bedroom door.
Your brother might come home any minute now, and he'll definitely kill me if we –!”
Oh shut up!” She commanded grumpily, unzipping his jeans.
Despite his protests, he was definitely hard and ready to go. His shaft broke free from his boxers the moment she pushed his jeans open enough to let it. Deciding this was good enough, she put the condom on him.
He alternated between looking at her and looking at her door. The expression on his face told her that he really was terrified of her brother catching them in the act. He took a deep breath.
The hell with it!” He exclaimed, rolling onto her so that he could get into position. She helped him by lifting her legs and then resting them on his – which were spread a little as he knelt in front of her.
Stay like that,” she commanded. “That way either you or I can rub me while –”
Like this?” He interrupted her as he pressed a thumb to her clit.
She gasped happily. “Yes!”
He rubbed her steadily as he slowly thrust in and out of her. She braced herself against the headboard, pushing into him with each thrust, which gave it quite a bit of oomph. For someone who had warned him that she liked to be quiet, she sure made a lot of noise.
It took a while, but eventually she was crying out with orgasm once more. He groaned and nearly lost his load right then and there, but a few deep breaths helped him hold out. When he was certain that he could keep going, he shifted positions so that he was laying more fully on her.
Uh!” She cried out when he started ramming into her. “Oh yeah, oh yeah!” She continued to used the headboard to push into him, meeting him thrust for thrust no matter how fast he got. A good ten minutes later, he was pounding into her like a jackhammer and she was damn near screaming a chant of encouragement.
He himself was making quite a racket – not only by banging the headboard repeatedly into the wall, but by loudly grunting: “Uh!” over and over.
Astonishingly, because she was so sensitive from earlier, the way his body rubbed her clit as he pounded her into the bed was enough to get her close again. She inhaled a gasp and then held her breath until her blood started to tingle.
OH GOD!” She squealed, clutching him and digging her nails into his back.
He was feeling pretty magical too and roared out his own climax. Both simply panted for a few moments, savoring the last lingering spasms of the dual orgasm. Eventually, he exhaled a happy sigh and lay on her.
There was silence for only a moment or two, and then her stomach growled and she chuckled in embarrassment.
Get off me,” she insisted, pushing him as she tried to wiggle free.
What? No cuddling?” He asked wryly.
I'm not that kind of girl,” she stated with an unapologetic half shrug.
He sighed in disappointment as he rolled off her. He then removed the condom and tied it so that it couldn't leak all over. He then tossed it in her garbage. As he got out of bed and stuffed himself back inside his boxers, she grabbed a long shirt and pulled it on. He was a step behind her, zipping up his jeans as she opened her bedroom door.
Why did you eat half my sandwich before putting it in the fridge?” Her brother asked just before he took another bite. His back was to her, which she sensed was so that she could quickly retreat and get more clothes on if she needed to.
You're eating my sandwich?!” She demanded angrily. “I made that for me, and it was really good too!”
I know!” He stated in agreement, turning to stick his tongue out at her. That was when he saw his best friend standing there with a look on his face like he wanted to hide but didn't think he'd find a place before getting murdered.
Ah...” Her brother murmured, narrowing his eyes. He wasn't sure whether or not to get pissed because he'd warned all his friends that he didn't want any of them banging his sister.
This wasn't an overprotective thing – like they probably assumed – but because he knew his sister was very good looking and liked to have a lot of sex. He really didn't want to have to have any awkward conversations with his friends in which they compared notes, only to find that one or all of them were talking about his sister.
Before you get mad,” she stated firmly, putting her fists on her hips. “Just remember that I have incriminating evidence on you that I won't hesitate to use.”
I'm not mad,” her brother said with a half shrug. “I am pretty sure I know what happened. You dragged him into your room and wouldn't take no for an answer.” He pointed his finger at her accusingly.
She looked at the knife she was now holding. It had occurred to her that she might need to be armed, but since this was a long bread knife with a rounded tip, it probably wouldn't have helped her much anyway. She harrumphed.
You can think of it like that if you want,” she stated, using the knife to slice up the freshly baked sourdough bread. Her stomach growled again, making her blush as she covered it with a hand. “You want one?” She asked the guy she'd just had sex with.
I'll take one!” Her brother exclaimed as he examined the last small bite he had in his hand. “And you may as well sit down, I'm not going to kick your ass just yet.” He informed his best friend.
I wasn't asking you!” She protested. “And you'll do no such thing!”
I'm sorry! I wasn't planning to have sex with your sister!”
So... What? She forced you?”
She glared at her brother for daring to suggest such a thing.
Well no, but...” His best friend sighed. “It just sort of happened... I actually come over here to talk to you about what a particular incident.”
Okay, so what happened?” He asked curiously.
The girl I like...” His best friend looked away with a blush. “I'm not sure I can talk to you about it with your sister in the room!”
She laughed. “Not only did you tell me about it already, but then I fixed your problem. What's there to be embarrassed about?”
He just blushed and looked away.
Whatever,” she grumbled, handed him the sandwich she made for him, and then grabbed hers and walked toward her room. Just before she went inside, she pointed at her brother. “And yes, I left everything out for you to make a sandwich with, so I expect you to put it all away when your done!”
Yeah yeah,” he agreed with a grumble. When she was in her room with the door closed, he looked at his best friend, who told him everything about the situation that had prompted him to come over and commiserate.
And so... as I was moping about the fact that I am apparently terrible at pleasing women, she... well she actually did drag me in her room and throw me on her bed. I really did try to tell her that you'd kill me, but...,” he rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he looked away.
Ah... I get it!” Her brother exclaimed with a chuckle as he got up and started making himself a sandwich. “She felt like she needed to show you what to do.” He picked up a butter knife and pointed it at his best friend. “But I feel like I should warn you. She's not the type to have relationships. If you're suddenly hoping that she'll go out with you, you're going to get hurt.”
She was listening to them with her ear pressed up against the door. At the tone of clear disappointment in his voice, she almost felt like purring in sympathy. Except that her brother was right. She was the girl a guy called up when he needed a booty call. She wasn't the type to settle down and have a relationship.
Anyway, I had a long and exhausting day today,” her brother stated, changing the subject. “You want to play a video game with me?”
Good idea!” His best friend agreed with a smile. The two of them wandered over to his room so that they could play said game.
Inside her room, she let out a sigh of relief and sat on her bed. “That could have gone so much worse!” She took a bite of her sandwich and chewed it slowly as she thought. “Hmm... I'm going to have to invite him over again soon! He's totally going to need a lot more practice before he's confident that he knows what to do.”
Pulling out her cellphone, she found that she did have his contact info from when she'd needed to get a hold of her brother when his phone was dead one time. With a sly grin, she texted: Hey, ask my brother when he's going to be gone again so that you can come over and practice some more.
She heard a loud thud from her brother's room a moment later and was tempted to go see what happened. She could only guess that he had been so startled that he fell out of his chair. A minute later, she received an answer text: I can't ask him that!
Why not?
He'll kill me!
She sighed and pouted, thinking: Damnit! It would be so much fun if he thought he had to come over and practice every day!
A minute later, she received another text. Your brother made me show him what you sent, and he says that he wants to talk to you in the kitchen in private for a minute.
With a sigh, she got off her bed and went into the kitchen. Her brother glared at her, looking over his shoulder to make sure that his bedroom door was shut. He slung an arm over her shoulder and growled.
Don't play around with my best friend like that! I know you, you're just going to grind him under your shoe! He's not the type who can just have casual sex. So if you're not serious, leave him alone.”
She sighed in disappointment. “Fine...”
Good!” Her brother harrumphed.
She walked back into her room, wondering who to call to come over for a booty call tonight, when she got a new text.
You can always come over to my place...
With a triumphant smirk, she made plans to do just that. It's so much fun to have a new toy to play with...


  1. Personally I found this anti-climactic. There was no build up or excitement. She instructs him in the same way a math tutor would say, "Now carry the one.". You are good with words but this story was kind of flat.

    1. Thank you :-)
      You noticed her personality. She as a person is so much to the point that she often speaks in a dry flat tone.
      The reason I made the whole scene like this is because there wasn't supposed to be any romance involved. They're not supposed to end up together in the end. I write a LOT of romance, so this was sort of breaking the same old same old for me :-)
      But even so, I couldn't end the story until I threw in a hint that romance could be possible, lol!


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