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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Very Short Erotic Story - My Small Little Business

Hey honey, I'm headed to work, see you later!” I called out as I grabbed my purse and made sure my keys were in it.
Have a good night,” my husband wished me as he came into the room, and then kissed me goodbye.
I will,” I promised with a grin.
The drive to work was relaxing. I listened to my favorite mix of soothing and instrumental music to get me in the right frame of mind. Soon enough, I was pulling up to the little cabin where I conducted my thoroughly enjoyable business.
I had just enough time to put a clean sheet on my massage table before a musical chime let me know that my client had arrived. With a warm smile, I opened the door and let him in. He looked nervous, but I had expected that.
Hi, I'm Ro. You must be Pete's friend Mark,” I greeted him in my usual cheery and friendly tone of voice. Pete was a regular client, and I was certain that any friend of his was sure to be a good guy.
Hi Ro...” Mark murmured, still very nervous.
An unmistakable whiff of sweat confirmed that he had likely just come from work. With a smile, I gave him the super quick tour of my little cabin. He watched me with an interested expression.
Here is the massage table, but I also have a nice shower over here. I always recommend setting aside at least two hours for your appointment because I also provide you with a shower before the massage. Unless you'd prefer a bath...” I pointed to a large tub that I utterly adored. Some men actually liked to scrub up in the shower and then relax in the tub for a few minutes before I began their massage.
All my products are organic, hypoallergenic, and scent free,” I assured him.
I thought I was here for a naked massage,” he stated in confusion. That was my specialty, of a sort.
You are,” I reassured him with a smile. “I simply like to start with a clean body. I'll help you wash up, if you like. Or are you nervous because you think I won't be naked like promised? Here...”
To set him at ease, I quickly stripped out of the flowing and easy to remove dress I had tossed on solely for the ride over here. I wore nothing underneath, and so was naked within seconds. I felt a tiny moment of pride that he seemed to like what he saw. To be fair, my breasts are pretty impressive.
I'll take a shower this time since I am pretty sure I'd fall asleep if I took a bath,” Mark decided.
Do you want me to help you undress, or do you prefer it if I stand over here and mind my own business while you shower?” I wondered, because some men were shy about showering.
I'd like you to undress me, and also to scrub me up, as you suggested,” Mark informed me, still a bit hesitant, as if he couldn't quite believe that this was really happening.
I playfully helped him remove his clothes, setting them in a basket so that nothing would get lost. Once he was naked, he grinned at me as he quite thoroughly groped my buttocks. I chuckled softly.
Hey now, I'm the one who is supposed to massage you,” I reminded him. Gently forcing him into the shower, I gestured for him to wait a moment as I turned the water on. “Do you prefer warm, hot, or scalding?”
Hmm...” he hummed in thought. I picked a hot temperature that most men liked. He tested it with a hand and nodded. “That's about perfect.”
The way my cabin was designed, the shower was completely open to the rest of the cabin, but it had a set of glass walls that prevented the water from spraying everywhere. Thus, there was plenty of room for the both of us. Actually, I think I could probably have three or four men in here with me and we'd all be comfortable.
The large tub was in this area separated from the rest of the cabin by the glass walls. It was pretty spiffy in that I could fill it hours in advance and it would remain at the perfect temperature. It could also blow streams of warm water like a Jacuzzi, and was more or less the tub I had dreamed of owning my entire life. I'll admit that I occasionally came here when I had no clients scheduled just so I could relax in the tub and read a book.
As I grinned over the thought of bathing in my tub, I also used a wonderful hand-made soap to wash my client. It was made by a friend using organic ingredients, and was my absolute favorite soap. It had no scent, which would be a good thing if his wife or girlfriend didn't know that he was here getting a naked massage; there'd be no suspicious scents to make her wonder.
He moaned in appreciation as I scrubbed his genitals. His hands roamed my body, making me grateful that my long hair was up in a bun and not getting wet. He placed a hand at the back of my neck and pulled me close for a kiss. His tongue licked my lips, prompting me to turn my head to the side.
I don't allow tongue. You can kiss me if you want, but don't try to slip your tongue in my mouth,” I informed him firmly.
Why not?” He wondered curiously.
I never liked that,” I replied with a shrug.
By this point, he was completely soaped up, and I grabbed the detachable shower head to rinse him off. He continued to grope me as I used my free hand to make sure that all the soap rinsed away.
After that, I turned the water off and grabbed a large and soft towel to help him dry off. Next, I gave him a robe to slip into as I used a second towel to dry myself. He gave me a confused look, probably wondering why I covered him up.
Now, before we go any farther, I need to take care of the payment. You brought cash?” I asked. This was important to me because cash couldn't bounce and credit cards were just a big old pain in the ass for my small little business.
Yes,” he confirmed with a single nod.
Good,” I stated with a smile, and then reminded him what I charged for each service. He confirmed what he wanted, and then handed over the cash from the wallet in his pants in the basket. I took my payment with a gracious smile, and then unlocked a drawer from the custom-made, solid oak cabinet that lined one of my walls. It was where I kept all my supplies. Once the money was safely in the drawer, I relocked it.
With a hand gesture, I invited Mark to lie on the massage table. “Would you prefer to be covered by a sheet, or to be naked during the massage?” I asked because sometimes, a person got cold during a massage, or simply needed the ingrained security of a cover.
The cabin was actually pretty warm, especially after the shower, so Mark shook his head. “I'm fine.” He tossed the robe on a chair, and then lay on the table.
With a happy purr, I pushed play on a soothing mix of instrumental salsa music. It was upbeat enough to hopefully keep him awake, but not annoying. Plus, it made me feel sexy. Next, I poured oil from a bottle into my hand to warm it.
Mark moaned softly in pleasure when I oiled up his back. The simple truth is this, I actually am trained in therapeutic massage, and I am very good at it. However, I am also a nudist and prefer to offer this extra to my clients to justify charging a bit more.
Getting lost in my work, I thoroughly massaged his back, buttocks, and legs before helping him turn over. Then, I worked on his arms, chest, and legs. At the very end – almost exactly an hour after I started – I gave him the happy ending he requested. I knew from experience that the massage oil made the experience very pleasant for him.
When I sensed that he was close to finishing, I stopped to give him a moment. He groaned in disappointment, but I was doing this at his request. Without a word, I grabbed a large wedge covered by a sheet, and then smiled at him.
Please scoot to the end of the table,” I said as I helped him do so. Then I gently placed the wedge behind his back and helped him get comfortable. There was a set of handy shelves attached to my table specifically for clients to place their feet so they wouldn't dangle.
Lastly, I grabbed a special chair that would allow me to be comfortable, and then perched on it between his legs. He watched eagerly as I warmed some oil in my hands, and then massaged it into my large and pendulous breasts. When I was ready, I placed his short and thick manhood in the valley between my breasts.
Would you like to squeeze my breasts together, or would you like me to do it?” I asked. I actually preferred it when the client held them together, because it gave me better leverage to move up and down his shaft.
“”Yes please,” he answered softly, and then cleared his throat. “I mean I'd like to hold them.”
With a smile and a nod, I helped him put his hands in place. “Hold them tight, but not too tight please,” I insisted softly.
Starting slowly, I moved my breasts up and down his shaft. He moaned in sheer bliss, and had a feeling like he was half melting into the wedge. This was exactly why I had it!
His hands eventually helped me set a pace that he loved. I must admit that giving a titty massage was actually fun for me too! Many minutes later, he was oozing drops of cum. With a smile, I held up my hand in a gesture asking him to wait.
You also paid for sex. If we don't stop now, you'll miss out,” I warned him.
He nodded in understanding even as he groaned in disappointment. I could sense that he really wanted to cum right now, but also wanted to get his money's worth. I gave him a bottle of water to drink from even as I drank some from a bottle of my own.
When his breathing was slightly calmer, I led him to the bed. Since my cabin was basically a one room structure, the bed was only a full, but that was more than plenty for our needs. I'd made it with a nice, soft, red cotton sheet.
Next to the bed was a basket of condoms in various sizes. They were the only ones that I could use without having an adverse reaction, so I had a ton more than I'd need. That way, I couldn't possibly run out!
Mark grinned at me as I sat on the bed. I grabbed an appropriately sized condom, opened the package, and helped him put it on. Then I gave him a sensual grin.
Keep in mind that I only do vaginal sex... But the position is completely up to you. What would you like?” I wondered.
Mark shrugged indifferently. “Doggy, I guess...”
With a grin of anticipation, I got onto my hands and knees. Mark stood behind me for a moment, probably taking a deep breath before entering me. For all I knew, it could have been a long time since he last had sex. I'm sure he wanted to make sure that he had some stamina.
As I waited for him, I located my clitoris with a finger and rubbed. If I was lucky, I'd manage to incite an orgasm before he finished. Slowly, Mark pressed into my wet opening.
I moaned happily even as he moaned in pleasure. To my delight, he pounded into me for a long time. I managed to rub my way to two orgasms before my knees protested. Then I insisted that I be allowed to lay on my back. Strangely, not long after we changed position, he rammed into me as deeply as possible and roared softly.
I chuckled very softly, loving the light feeling of him pumping the condom full. I had a moment of sadness that he wasn't pumping me full directly, but my need to be safe overrode my dislike of condoms. Purring happily, I held him to me and ruffled his hair.
Oh wow, I'm so ready to go to sleep now,” he murmured in my ear.
I'd let you spend the night here, but...” I was going to say that I couldn't stay with him, only he interrupted me.
No, I can't. My wife would kill me if I stayed out all night,” he admitted.
Aww,” I purred in sympathy.
Don't get me wrong,” Mark added hastily. “She knows what I'm doing here, but she thinks that if I spent the night, this would cross from casual sex to something more intimate.”
Ah,” I exclaimed softly in understanding.
Mark blushed and I think he thought I thought he was lying. “No really. After the baby was born, we each decided to pick a weekly treat. Her's is a spa day, and mine is an erotic massage.”
I chuckled and kissed him softly. “Shh... it's okay. I understand. My husband and I are also in an open marriage.”
Ah!” He sighed in relief. “So, uh... same time next week?”
I grinned. “I look forward to it!”

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