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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Review for Chosen One by Stephen C. Thomas

Here's a Link to the book on Amazon if you decide that you want to read it for yourself: Chosen One

Let me start with the bad. The beginning was dry. I didn't notice many typos, but there were a couple. Sometimes conversations would be had and I would lose track of who was saying what. The author also occasionally forgot to add emotions or nuance to a sentence. For example: "You'll be fine," he said. Could easily have been: "You'll be fine," he said with a reassuring smile, hoping to set her mind at ease. I found a couple of small plot holes, but they were tiny. Once or twice, the story seemed to jump forward a bit abruptly, but that was early on, before the story truly unfolded and the author started to flow.

I am also an author and I am guilty of making the same mistakes, so I do not judge him harshly. It is a rough ride, but so worth it. :-)

Now, THAT said, here's the good: This book was really interesting! I know I have dreamt of a group of people coming along to help fix the corruptness of the government. I could easily picture myself as an unawakened Blend - half human half dragon - just waiting for the main character Ben to come along and bring out my inner, justice loving dragon. The romantic in me absolutely LOVED the way he paired up most of the dragons :-) The part of me that is an erotica writer was a bit disappointed that he glossed over what happened in between the sheets, however, I know that there are a lot of readers who want to read a story that is free of on page sex and good on plot :-)

I do feel I should warn you that there are a few scenes that are violent and might be hard to stomach. They are integral to the story, and necessary to let you know just how bad the bad guys really are.

Also a plus is that this is written in a really straightforward style. When I said that there could be more emotion, I wasn't trying to imply that there's none. There is, but it's understated. These characters are the type to keep their emotions to themselves - which is honestly my kind of people! There's no frivolous drama to weigh the story down.

The plot is face paced and moves along nicely. After the story gets going - the background has been explained and the group of main characters have come together - I could just tell that the author had this story flowing through him as if it was magically coming out of his fingers. By the end, I was cheering on the Heroes of the story.

I would totally recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a little bit of magic and fantasy in their everyday life.

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